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IT Support should not be complicated. We have you coverd.

What is Managed IT?

Managed IT refers to comprehensive IT services that are provided by an MSP (managed service provider) for a fixed monthly rate.

 With this model the MSP and the client share the same goal to have the IT function running smoothly. In order to do this the MSP assumes responsibility and provides unlimited support for designated aspects of IT, and the client organization commits to investing in the equipment and software that will improve the operation and security of their systems.


Proactive Approach to Managing IT for Better Results


Many companies who make the move to managed IT services have been relying on one or two-person teams who don’t have all the skills or the bandwidth to do much more than fix problems as they occur. Managed IT services allows you to proactively manage the IT function so that your people and your goals are no longer hindered but enabled by technology. The results show up in improved business outcomes, and IT costs are controlled.


Why Managed IT?

We offer all-inclusive and partial managed IT services to Central Florida organizations that either don’t have the resources, or find it cost-prohibiting to staff and entire IT department, purchase and maintain expensive equipment, keep software systems up and running, manage security, and make executive decisions about complex subjects that affect the bottom line.

Some of the benefits associated with managed IT services include:

Predictable Monthly IT Costs
Operational Efficiencies
Proactive Network Monitoring
Desktop Optimization
Regular Software Updates
Reduced Costs in Flat-Fee Billing
24-hour Support Services
Minimal Downtime
Preventative Network Maintenance


The Tecflow Way?

Each Tecflow client has a designated support team that works collaboratively to deliver all of the services that are needed for a fully staffed IT department.

If you were going to do this yourself, you would need many different people with very different talents and skills to:

  1. Manage your infrastructure.
  2. Strategize, plan and budget for the future.
  3. Resolve issues and take care of routine tasks.
  4. Enhance the way your business uses technology.

Our services are structured so clients have all the resources they need for each discipline within the framework. Teams meet weekly to review client status and progress, and they own client success. The result is fast response when you need help right now and continuous improvement of the IT function in your business.

Instead of a necessary evil, technology becomes a competitive advantage.