Mobile Device Management

Have complete control over all your connected devices for a more productive and secure mobile working experience.

Mobile devices connected to your business network create a new wave of security challenges. Tecflow’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) service enhances the security of smartphones, laptops, and tablets connected to your network, keeping confidential business data away from prying eyes.

This solution allows you to stay competitive in the fast-paced business environment by enabling your employees to work securely, regardless of their location. With a complete overview of the mobile devices deployed by your organization, you can centrally manage and configure a device, control access to it, and even remotely wipe its user data in the event it becomes lost or compromised.

With Mobile Device Management from Tecflow, you can:

  • Easily manage and register mobile devices
  • Seamlessly improve the organization of devices
  • Filter and find the data or file you need in a matter of seconds
  • Access reports that allow you to analyze departments and employees
  • Enjoy significant savings via a controlled policy implementation
  • Get the peace of mind knowing that everything is secured with SSL encryption

How will Tecflow’s Mobile Device Management service help your employees work more productively?

By integrating mobile devices into your organization without jeopardizing the integrity of your networks and data…

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