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Starting with the House of Wolves (HoW) expansion pack, legendary weapons can be reforged by taking them to the Gunsmith in the tower. Reforging a weapon

Lost Lament | Reforging the Past | Beyond Light

Transcript of the mission “Reforging the Past” including some dialogue from Clovis Bray before accessing the mission.


Clovis Bray AI: Hello?!

Ghost: Clovis?

Clovis Bray AI: You’ve meddled in my affairs, haven’t you? The Vex march on me through no provocation of my own.

Ghost: We were just looking for the blueprints to reforge the blade —

Clovis Bray AI: And provoked the Vex to my doorstep in the process. If you desire the end result of those blueprints, you’d best make haste.

//The Guardian hurries to save the Clovis AI from being destroyed.

Ghost: Clovis — we’re almost to you.

Clovis Bray AI: Any slower and there will be no “me” left to protect. The Vex gather en masse at the facility entrance.

Ghost: We’re doing what we can.

Clovis Bray AI: Allow my assistance then. There’s an old maintenance tank outside — Acquire it. Demolish those monstrosities.

//The Guardian discovers the tank.

Ghost: This must be the tank.

//The Guardian gets into the tank and uses it to kill the Vex.

Ghost: The Vex are everywhere. Almost like they were waiting for us.

Clovis Bray AI: It’s possible the Vex use me now as bait to retrieve the blade. In their hands, it will be lost forever. Along with your beloved “Banshee’s” memories.

//The Guardian clear out the Vex outside the facility.

Clovis Bray AI: The Vex storm the facility; I require immediate protection!

Ghost: We’re coming!

//The Guardian enters the Exoscience lab.

Clovis Bray AI: Do you spot my security frames? I’m unable to detect them — They’ve likely been apprehended by the Vex.

Ghost: We’ll free any we can find.

//The Guardian frees some Bray security frames.

Clovis Bray AI: They’ve found me! Where are you?!

Ghost: We’re almost there!

Clovis Bray: The blade — do you retain it? It must be reformed.

Ghost: So now you want to help us?

Clovis Bray AI: That blade was the bane of the Vex. Wielded by a valiant Exo the last time they invaded — centuries ago. In pieces, the Vex believe they have a chance to reacquire it. [sighs in disgust] I will relent this once: I should have helped you sooner. We must now rebuild it together.

//The Guardian continues to fight through the Vex towards Clovis.

Clovis Bray AI: There! The pedestal! Place the blade upon it. I will initiate the forging process.

//The Guardian places the blade on the pedestal.

Clovis Bray AI: The onslaught has arrived. They must not disrupt the forging process.
Ghost: We’ll hold them off!

//The Guardian holds off the Vex.

Clovis Bray: Forging protocol complete. Take it. Now!

//The Guardian claims the blade.

Clovis Bray AI: Wield the blade. Destroy them all. Every. Last. One.

//The Guardian wields the blade to destroy the Vex.

Ghost: That’s the last of them.

Clovis Bray AI: I suppose I owe you a debt of gratitude. However, I generally prefer not to be indebted to anyone. As such, you may consider the blade your property. Though you should allow this “Banshee” an opportunity to test its integrity once more.

Ghost: You sure you’re safe?

Clovis Bray AI: Thanks to you, yes. Until our next meeting.


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Reforging the Blinding Light Of Destiny Guide

I start going for the blinding light of destiny the first quest is Reforging the Blinding Light Of Destiny

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