About Us

Tecflow keeps our clients’ IT running smoothly and securely so their businesses run efficiently.

Reliability makes us the best choice for IT support

At Tecflow, Inc. we realize you have a choice of IT support and service providers to work with but we firmly believe that we are setting a new standard in technology support. We understand what small and medium-sized businesses need to grow which is why we place paramount importance on not only proactively supporting your IT environment, but ensuring that you are offered the services you genuinely need.

 It is only through this combination of IT expertise and real business acumen that we can meet your business’s needs and goals – and exceed your expectations. We also know that hiring a full time IT department – or even just one IT guy is an expensive hassle that many smaller businesses would rather be without. To that end we are changing the way businesses are managing those requirements by providing a full-time department for less than what it would cost you to hire and train a single IT professional.

 Tecflow, Inc. exists to help your business achieve sustainable growth and a better bottom line through the more efficient use of technology. Whether you’re fed up of a lack of productivity due to downtime or you want to know which IT solutions to implement to take your business forward, we’re the people to talk to.

How do we keep IT running smoothly & securely?

There are two things that small businesses must do to succeed in the information age. One is to maximize computer uptime for their employees; two is to enlist expert support technicians to fix problems immediately if they ever arise. Tecflow’s solutions cover both of these needs.

Proactive IT

Round-the-clock network maintenance that significantly reduces computer downtime and increases employee productivity

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The Cloud

No more server hardware issues or software upgrades to contend with when you migrate to Tecflow’s secure hosted platform

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Other Services

Proactive IT and The Cloud deliver daily doses of network maintenance, while our other services are available on demand

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Would you like to see first hand how reliable and professional Tecflow’s services and technicians really are?

Let us conduct a cost-free, obligation-free evaluation of your office network’s performance and recommend how you can improve it…