IT for Residential Customers

We believe every computer deserves professional IT support, so we help home users keep theirs running securely and efficiently.

Everyone at E-Valve Technologies is a home or mobile computer user like you. So we know how frustrating dropped connections, slow downloads, janky keyboards, unresponsive mice, viruses, spam, and pop-up ads can be when you’re on a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. We also know how to eliminate these problems forever. Our IT service for Residential Customers is provided by the same technicians who support our commercial clients. That means the technician visiting your residence will be industry certified, insured, trained in the latest technology, professional, and guaranteed to optimize your home network quickly and affordably.

Expert setups, repairs, and cybersecurity for home users

E-Valve’s IT for Residential Customers includes the following services:

  • Cloud-hosted data backup
  • Virus and ransomware protection
  • Hardware repairs and software upgrades
  • Monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Printer configuration and maintenance

How does E-Valve’s comprehensive Proactive IT service help SMBs operate more efficiently?

By ensuring employees’ software apps and data are always available and secured, whether connecting in the office or on the go…