Disaster Recovery

Not only are files backed up safely, they’ll be available for immediate use after a downtime event strikes your business

Disasters of all sorts can hit your business, but if your data is properly backed up you should survive without too much difficulty. The question is, how long will it take to get your data back online so you can work after the storm, flood, fire, or break-in has been cleaned up?

The answer is “within hours” if you’ve signed up for Tecflow’s cutting-edge Disaster Recovery service. We tailor plans to each individual client’s operations so server function and data backups can be restored right away after a catastrophe — and quick recoveries are critical to your customers’ satisfaction and your business’s reputation.

Tecflows’s Disaster Recovery service provides the following features and benefits to SMBs:

  • Significant reduction in post-disaster downtime
  • Routine testing of backup files and storage servers
  • Redundant backup files in case primary servers fail
  • Simple procedures for getting saved data back online
  • Protocols to ensure data remains compliant throughout

How will Tecflow’s Disaster Recovery service help your employees work more productively?

By ensuring your data is saved and archived professionally, and that it can be accessed and restored immediately after a disaster has taken down your network…

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