Microsoft Office 365

Cloud-hosted versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, and all the other productivity tools employees need

Microsoft’s cloud-based platform for its famous productivity tools is just like the onsite server-based version, but more flexible. Office 365 allows employees to work on any device at any time of day, simply by connecting to the cloud. And the best part is, Tecflow will manage the installation, upgrades, and updates for you.

This includes the licensing, email configuration, network maintenance, and security patches so your users can log in and work safely from any location. Our short video outlines several other ways your business will benefit by migrating to the cloud-based version of Microsoft Office, including the 99.9% uptime guarantee.

How will Tecflow’s Microsoft Office 365 service help your business operate more effectively?

By giving employees flexible options for when and where to work, and giving business owners flexible, pay-per-use plans with unlimited technical support…

Offsite Data Backup

Your precious company information gets saved automatically and stored in our super secure servers

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Disaster Recovery

Not only are files backed up safely, they’ll be available for immediate use after a downtime event

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Cloud Readiness Test

Complete a short, simple questionnaire to help us evaluate your organization’s cloud-readiness level

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